Ayurveda Retreat Services

Spa Treatments

Ayurvedic massage really is the creme de la creme of massage, and being that Ayurvedic massage and oil treatments are a key part of Ayurvedic therapy and its holistic stance, we offer a selection of the most therapeutic Ayurvedic massages and treatments.


Ayurvedic treatment consultations are not just for those who suffer from a chronic illness or health concern, but also anyone who is keen to learn how Ayurvedic therapy can help them to achieve and maintain total wellbeing through doshic balance.

Training Courses

Our accredited Ayurveda courses are held here at our premises in Reading for anyone who is keen to learn how to use Ayurveda to help others achieve good health and harmony through a luxurious Ayurvedic massage or treatment.

On-Site Massage

Our on-site massage service is ideal for businesses that are either looking to introduce office massage as a workplace benefit for employees, or that are wanting to offer chair massage to potential customers at a company event or exhibition.

Signature Ayurvedic Massages

Signature Ayurvedic Massage Abhyaga

Abhyanga Relaxing Full-Body Oil Massage

This luxurious full-body Ayurvedic massage uses warm, herb-infused oils to create an unbelievably relaxing massage experience that will benefit both the body and mind.

Signature Ayurvedic Massage Vishesh

Vishesh Invigorating Deep-Tissue Massage

Vishesh full-body massages incorporate the techniques used in Abhyanga but with deeper, firmer and slower strokes to help release physical and emotional toxins.